About Pennsylvania Christian Camp

Our Purpose

PCC is open to everyone, regardless of race, color, or creed. Our goal is to provide campers with an opportunity to enjoy Bible study, recreation, and the association of their fellow campers in the midst of some of God's most beautiful handiwork -- Blue Knob State Park.

Since PCC is a Christian camp, each camper is expected to act in harmony with the high ideals that have been characteristic of past camping sessions.


There are many things to do at PCC. Such as:

  • basketball
  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • water games
  • devotionals
  • Bible Class
  • daily chapel
  • campfires
  • a talent night
  • other games

What To Bring

Naturally, enough clothes to get you through the week.
Those who plan to write home will need paper, envelopes, and stamps.

  • Bible
  • flashlight
  • wash clothes and towels
  • soap and shampoo
  • toothbrush and paste
  • notebook
  • jacket or sweater
  • sleeping bag or enough blankets (nights are often chilly at PCC)
  • extra shoes
  • umbrella or rain coat
  • swim suit
  • pencils or pens

And don't forget to bring a good attitude, a cheerful disposition, and a great expectation of a fun-filled spiritual week!

Do Not Bring

The following items are prohibited for obvious reasons and should NOT be brought to camp:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • fireworks
  • knives
  • weapons of any kind

What To Wear

Select clothes for camp where Christian modesty is clearly portrayed. Sleeveless and/or low cut shirts, form fitting pants or any immodest clothing are not in harmony with the atmosphere at PCC and are prohibited. It is suggested that adult and teens wear shorts with an inseam of 8 inches or longer. The help of parents in this matter is greatly appreciated. If the directors or counselors consider your attire inappropriate, you will be required to change. A cover-up must be worn going to and from the pool.