Please Note:

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and Christian environment. In order to accomplish this, and in order to comply with the regulations from Blue Knob State Park and the state of Pennsylvania, we ask you to keep the following in mind:

Do Not Bring:

Alcohol, drugs, fireworks, knives, vape pens, or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited at PCC. We also encourage campers not to bring Phones, iPods, DVD players, radios, etc.., as these items distract from the atmosphere of camp and interfere with participation in the program at camp.

Please do NOT bring unnecessary money and valuables. PCC is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

What to Wear:

In view of the outdoor environment of PCC, it is asked that all campers wear closed toe shoes at all times, except for around the pool and shower area or during water activities. Select clothes for camp where Christian modesty is clearly portrayed. Sleeveless and/or low cut shirts, form fitting pants or any immodest clothing are not in harmony with the atmosphere at PCC and are prohibited. It is suggested that adults and teens wear shorts with an inseam of 8 inches or longer. The help of parents in this matter is greatly appreciated.

 If the directors or counselors consider your attire inappropriate, you will be required to change.

 A cover-up must be worn going to and from the pool.

A note About the Pool:

Unfortunately, the pool will be closed for the 2024 camping season. There will be water sports activities to take the place of swim time. Please be sure to bring extra clothes you can get wet in

Visitors to Camp

For safety reasons, visitors are strongly discouraged. Visitors must obtain permission from a director before visiting.

Health Coverage

The PCC Board has established that the camper’s family medical insurance will be primary coverage for illness or accident and camp insurance will be secondary.

No Pets Allowed

Please Note: Blue Knob State Park does not permit pets in overnight group campsites

Special Needs

A prospective camper with special needs must obtain director approval before attending PCC in order to ensure we can meet their needs.

A Camper who wishes to attend a week other than his or her assigned week must obtain director approval in advance of registering for the week.